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SEO & SEM Package

You found us, so we must be doing a good job of marketing our site and SEO. Let Design IT Services optimize your website content so it rises to the top of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.. Drive more visitors to your site, increase online business, and get important information to your customers by letting us advertise your site and market your online presence.


SEO & SEM Package from Design IT Services

$425 for the first month and setup / $350 for each additional month.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing,
& Website Updates Package:

Creating a website is like putting your company’s name in the phone book, some companies just need a business listing and some need a full page advertisement. If you built your website with Design IT Services, you are one step ahead of the competition because your website has already had some Search Engine Optimization done. This means that your website has had keywords and descriptions (meta data) added to the content on your website so that browsers will find it easier. Design IT Services also creates a sitemap of all your website’s pages and submits it to the main search engines every time your website is updated.

Some websites do not need any more optimization or marketing, but if you are serious about creating a web identity for your company, selling items or services, and moving ahead of your competition, you will constantly need to add content, market, and optimize your website for best search results.

That’s where Design IT Services comes in. Our SEO & SEM package deal includes 6 hours of additional changes or updates per month. So you are already getting more than your money’s worth, if you pay for updates by the hour. This includes any design or graphic work for your website (other design projects must be billed separately). At the beginning of every month Design IT Services will send you an email with optimal website design consulting and update suggestions for these additional hours.

Below are the other services you get with our monthly SEO & SEM package.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

You want your website to appear at the top of browser searches, and this is mainly based on your website’s content and optimization. This process takes months to perfect and must constantly be maintained and changed based on current browser methods. We ask that if you sign up for our package deal, you use it for at least 6 months for best results, but you may cancel at any time. With our SEO & SEM package you will receive monthly updates on how your website’s keywords are performing and an Analytics Report with visitor and traffic information.

Design IT Services uses various strategies and optimization tools in the following: design, submission to major search engines, linking and back-linking to other websites, third party tools, and formulating relevant content for your website. Search Engine Optimization is also done for every new post, image, and page you create or update on your website.


Search Engine Marketing(SEM):

Using our marketing techniques we will promote your website to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results and gaining traffic. SEM is a constant and tedious task. It also frequently needs to be updated and monitored. We use Search Engine Marketing for Traffic Generation, Generating Potential Leads and new Customers, and Reputation Management Online. Design IT Services will customize a marketing plan for your website to get noticed, to stand out from your competition, and to increase your websites profitability and ROI.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other browsers offer a list of tools and services that will help us to market your website over many highly trafficked websites. Design IT Services sets you up with a Google Account for your website and uses all of these tools to gather important information and change your website accordingly. Once this account is setup with all the tools you need, you will be available to login to your account and see the results for yourself.
Another part of SEM is Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM is a type of marketing that involves using social media and social networks to bring in more traffic which lead to potential clients and customers. Our SEO & SEM package includes business account setup for facebook and twitter.

Design IT Services also uses Pay-Per-Click(PPC) to increase your websites rankings and traffic, and we start you out with a $100 Google AdWords Credit and free Campaign Setup. You will also receive a monthly report on how your campaigns are performing. There is no obligation to continue your Adwords Campaign after the initial $100 credit is gone, but if you are satisfied we can continue your campaign by adding credit to your account and formulating a monthly budget for the campaign.


SEO & SEM package from Design IT Services include:
• 6 hours of additional updates to the website (includes design work for website only)
• Monthly Report including:
– Analytics report (visitor and traffic report)
– Social Media Reports (facebook and twitter)
– List of at least 5 new links(back-links) and article submission to other relevant websites
– Optimal website design consulting and suggested updates
– Keyword Research and Search Results report
• Social Media Optimization(SMO) and marketing(includes business account setup for facebook and twitter)
• Google Account Setup
• Google Webmasters Account Setup
• Google Analytics Setup
• Title Tags Generation
• Meta Tags Optimization
• ALT Tags Optimization
• Hyperlink Optimization
• Media Optimization
• Monthly Sitemap Generation and Submission to all Major Browsers
• Optimization of pages and posts for search engines
• Installation of SEO tools
• FREE Telephone and Email Support
• Google AdWords Campaign Setup and $100 Credit to start your campaign


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New Website Design 3

NewWebsites New Website Design 3

New Website Design Examples. Click To See Full Website Design Portfolio

FreeWebQuote New Website Design 3

Web Design Banner

Web Design Examples

WebDesignBanner Web Design Examples

Design IT Services Web Design examples. Choose the best web design company in Chattanooga for your web design project.

FreeWebQuote Web Design Examples

Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

As a web designer I have to make sure all websites we create and design function properly in many different web browsers. I have been a die hard Internet Explorer fan for years, but after recently upgrading to Internet Explorer 8(IE8) I found that websites were not functioning properly and immediately deleted IE8 from my programs list. It was at this time I decided to give Firefox a whirl. I told myself I would not use IE for an entire week. SOLD! It only took 2 days before I was convinced. Browsing seems to be much faster. Websites have details and visual elements not displayed on IE.

Firefox also has a plugin called FireBug. It allows you to view actual page source or selected source code while the webpage is still viewable. This is perfect for web designers. If you have that piece of code that you just cant find where you need to change it, you can select the item you want to change and view the selected source code for just that item or line of text. This program has made editing long CSS files and PHP files a breeze.

My Opinion is to give Firefox a week, and after your not complaining about where the buttons are you’ll realize that the features and tools are extremely better. The tools for saving logins and passwords is amazingly easy. I was never able to save my login to in IE, but Firefox has no problem remembering the login information. The Firefox tools ability to enable safe browsing and delete history by time is a great feature that IE does not have.

I will leave comments open on this post. So please try Firefox for a week and then tell me you still like Internet Explorer better. Or if you have switched to Firefox? I even suggest you Mac Safari users to give it a try.
Download FireFox

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Tips


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Tricks and Tips

    1. First and Foremost Content. “Content is King”. Make sure your text is written well, properly formatted, and contains keywords for people to find your site. Make sure all of your images are named, “alt” tag named, and have descriptions.
    2. Meta data is your sites meta title (page heading at the top of your browser), your sites description (what will show up when you find your site on Google), and your meta keywords (the words and phrases that you want people to find you on a browser). To get the best optimized results, make sure you enter unique meta data on every page.
    3. Your Sites meta title should be no longer than 60 characters and inserted into the <head> of your web pages, before the <body> tag. Good Example:
<title>Chattanooga's Best Graphic Design - Design IT Services</title>
    1. Meta page descriptions should be no longer that 250 characters long and contain as many keywords as possible without just listing them out. Your Keywords should be around 20 words or 20 phrases(2 and 3 word), and seperated by commas. Below is an example how the meta data should be formatted in between  the <head> and </head> tags of your web pages:
<title>Chattanooga's Best Graphic Design - Design IT Services</title>

<meta name="description" content="Design IT Services - The Best Design and IT services in Chattanooga TN. Services include: Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo and Print Design, IT Services, IT Staffing and more." />

<meta name="keywords" content="Graphic Design,Web Design,Logo,Print Design, IT Services, IT Staffing,Chattanooga,TN,information technology,services,solutions,design,website design,logo design,designers,design company,IT company" />
  1. Backlinks are outgoing links from and back to your site from other sites on the web. The more stellar SEO backlinks you have and the more similar content these backlinks contain to your information, the better. A good way to get more backlinks is social networking. Create a facebook page, a twitter account, and other social network account for your company to link from your site and then back to your site to create a backlink.
  2. Create a sitemap for your website. A site map is a simple listing of all of the pages indexed in your site. There are many free tools like Google Sitemap creator that will create a sitemap for you.
  3. Site Submission. Submit your site to different browsers like Google,Bing,Yahoo, and others. Once you have a sitemap for your site setup you can submit it to these browsers as well. This will ensure that all of your pages are being searched for content. Search for Google Sitemap Submission to learn more.
  4. Adding content. The more you update your site with new content, the better. Browsers will pick up that your site has recently been updated and it will help with your optimization.
  5. Links on your site. Don’t forget that you can enter a title, alt tag, and description for the links on your pages to other sites. In order to have a validated web site you must enter all of your alt tags on links and images.

DesignIT Services Launches Website

After months of work, DesignIT Services launches their website in hopes of expanding their client list. “We hope to gain many new clients here in our hometown of Chattanooga.” -Says Owner and Creative Director, Ben Pinson.

Design IT Services


homepage4 Design


– Website design and development
– E-Business solutions
– Database management
– Content Management System (CMS) integration
– SEO and SEM strategies and implementation
– Internet banner advertisement design
– Digital media strategy consultation
– Website support and management services



– Flash and video email
– Interactive CDs/DVDs
– Digital business cards



– Strategic brand consultation
– Logo and identity design and implementation
– Stationery design
– Corporate identity
– Restaurant/retail store design/graphics



– Corporate profile kit creation
– Tradeshow exhibit solutions
– POP graphics
– 3D Design and Renderings



– Print advertising campaign development
– Internet advertising solutions
– Billboard and Large Format design
– Direct mail campaign design



– Product package design
– Product launch strategies
– Point of purchase development
– 3D Product Modeling

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