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Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

As a web designer I have to make sure all websites we create and design function properly in many different web browsers. I have been a die hard Internet Explorer fan for years, but after recently upgrading to Internet Explorer 8(IE8) I found that websites were not functioning properly and immediately deleted IE8 from my programs list. It was at this time I decided to give Firefox a whirl. I told myself I would not use IE for an entire week. SOLD! It only took 2 days before I was convinced. Browsing seems to be much faster. Websites have details and visual elements not displayed on IE.

Firefox also has a plugin called FireBug. It allows you to view actual page source or selected source code while the webpage is still viewable. This is perfect for web designers. If you have that piece of code that you just cant find where you need to change it, you can select the item you want to change and view the selected source code for just that item or line of text. This program has made editing long CSS files and PHP files a breeze.

My Opinion is to give Firefox a week, and after your not complaining about where the buttons are you’ll realize that the features and tools are extremely better. The tools for saving logins and passwords is amazingly easy. I was never able to save my login to in IE, but Firefox has no problem remembering the login information. The Firefox tools ability to enable safe browsing and delete history by time is a great feature that IE does not have.

I will leave comments open on this post. So please try Firefox for a week and then tell me you still like Internet Explorer better. Or if you have switched to Firefox? I even suggest you Mac Safari users to give it a try.
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– Website design and development
– E-Business solutions
– Database management
– Content Management System (CMS) integration
– SEO and SEM strategies and implementation
– Internet banner advertisement design
– Digital media strategy consultation
– Website support and management services



– Flash and video email
– Interactive CDs/DVDs
– Digital business cards



– Strategic brand consultation
– Logo and identity design and implementation
– Stationery design
– Corporate identity
– Restaurant/retail store design/graphics



– Corporate profile kit creation
– Tradeshow exhibit solutions
– POP graphics
– 3D Design and Renderings



– Print advertising campaign development
– Internet advertising solutions
– Billboard and Large Format design
– Direct mail campaign design



– Product package design
– Product launch strategies
– Point of purchase development
– 3D Product Modeling

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